Friday, August 22, 2014

Aug 22, 2014

Hello dear family,

We hope all is well with you and yours and those of you with school age kids are back in the swing. We have 5 grandkids in school which is hard to even comprehend, one of which is in middle school. Even harder to comprehend. Oh and we can't forget about Beckham who will soon be starting preschool. 

Monday morning we left for A Caruna with the Jacksons to attend zone conference. After arriving checking in etc. the Jacksons met up with the elders at the chapel and took a bus with them out to the Torre de Hercules. We drove instead of taking the bus. The tower is the oldest functioning lighthouse in the world and Is quite majestic as it stands at the tip of a peninsula on the Atlantic ocean. We all had lunch together at a restaurant near the tower which was so so. Then all the elders played soccer at a soccer field they had reserved for an hour and a half. The Hermanas, Jacksons, Dad and I just watched the soccer game and chatted. Those elders really enjoyed their game time and played hard. Later on in the evening we went back to the church together and watched the movie "Ephraim's Rescue." Everyone enjoyed the movie and the treats that went along with it.

Next morning we were up early to be at the church by 9:30 for zone conference at 10. Zone conferences are one of my favorite mission events. There is a real spirit of unity when we meet all together and are taught by Pres. and Sister Jackson and the assistants. The messages were wonderful, timely and as always so up lifting.  We said goodbye to all the missionaries and the Jacksons after a lunch of pizza. The Jacksons and the assistants flew back to Madrid and the rest of the elders dispersed on trains back to their respective cities. We drove the hermanas home with us so they would be on time for an appointment they had set up.

Later that night we had our JAS activity which was well attended and a lot of fun. We talked about ways we could improve after solving a scripture puzzle about qualites we need in our lives. We played a game of clues and pantomime guessing famous people. We made some plans for a going away party for Andriv  who will leave on his mission the 16th of Sept. I don't know if I mentioned our trip to Madrid with him and Joshua, another JAS so he could get his visa for Mexico. We got him there with every document they had told him to bring but they weren't satisfied and wanted the identification papers of the person in the legal department for the church in Mexico that had arranged everything. We hope he can get everything settled with them this next week when he is in Madrid to receive his endowment. We are going to Madrid to attend his endowment session.

The sisters made contact with Teo (african gentleman) again. These are new sisters that haven't worked with him before. We had an appointment to meet with him last night but he didn't show. When they called him before the appt. to see if he was coming he said he would be there. Well an hour past so they called again and this time he said he couldn't meet with them until tomorrow. So supposedly we are meeting him tonight at 7. 

President and sister Bamio (district Pres.) had us and the elders over for lunch today. We had a delicious lunch of lasagna and great conversation. They are a family from Venezuela although Pres. Bamio's parents were born in Spain and migrated to Venezuela. (I think that's the story) We have met so many wonderful people here in this mission and that has been such a blessing to us to have new and rewarding friendships. It's funny how important all these people have become to us in 7 short months. We didn't know any of them before that. We make the sacfrifice of leaving family and friends behind and the Lord blesses us with an abundance of more new friends than we would ever have met staying put in Orem.

I better get ready just in case Teo does come to meet with us tonight (I need more faith) and after that is branch council so our day isn't over yet. 

Take care everyone and know we love you.

Mom and Dad

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