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Oct 30, 2014

Hello to all,

I need to get this week's email  done before I forget what has been happening. The days just fly by and sometimes I feel like I don't get enough written that I want to say about our time here.  Saturday was a pretty normal Saturday with the RS actiivity taking place at 5:30. We made gratitude jars and learned how to make madelenas and a main dish with eggs, peas, and ham. The RS president wanted to send a plate home to Larry but I had to tell her that for as long as I had known my husband I had yet to see him eat peas so I declined. We helped clean up and drove sister missionaries and the RS presidency home and were back in our apt by 10:30

Sunday we left at 9:00  to attend church an hour away in Ourense. Larry was the visiting district council member and one of the speakers. We had been to church there once before shortly after we got here and there were twice as many people attending than before so there has been some significant growth in the branch. We talked to a young family in the branch after sacrament meeting. The husband is American and his wife is Chilean plus they have three little boys. The wife is a Dr. of Radiology and is doing a 4 year residency there. Her brother and his family have also moved there for the same reason. The brother is the Dr. So those two families have added a lot to the strength to the branch. 

Elder Rawson on the left upon his arrival
from Leon
Sister Braithwaite in yellow with Sister Nydegger
Later Sunday night after Pancakes at the building it was the start of the weekend transfers. We put Sister Braithwaite on an overnight train to Madrid. She finished her mission and flew home Tuesday morning. Larry took Elder McAllister to the bus station at 10PM to go to Madrid where he would catch a flight to the Canary islands. He has been in Vigo for almost 5 months so we will really miss him. I met his parents when I was home in July. Great people from Pleasant Grove. Sister Nydegger the other sister here in Vigo came home with us to spend the night until her companion arrived the next day. 
Elder MacAllister in the suit with Elder Beudin

Sister Bennett on the right - the newest
Sister in Vigo
Monday morning at 7 Larry took elder Beudin from Pontevedre, also the district leader, to the train for his next assignment in Madrid. Later that day around two we picked up the new sister and elder coming in from
Madrid. We brought them all to the house for lunch and then Larry delivered elders and luggage to their apts. The sisters stayed until 6 and did their emailing then we delivered them and the luggage to their apt. It was a long busy day. I'm glad I am not in charge of transfers for the entire mission, what a logistical nightmare that has to be, every six weeks. This transfer every companionship in our district has one new member. 

Later that night we went shopping for all the things we needed for the JAS halloween party the next evening. We went to the large Asian import store for decorations, face painting supplies and other game items. Then to the grocery store for refreshment items. I took it easy and just made a carmel cake and hot spiced cider and two of the JAS brought the rest of the food. We went over Tuesday at 6 with a couple of the JAS to decorate and set everything up. It was a lot of work to pull it together but we had great attendance (three nonmembers) and most of the JAS in the branch. The party was a lot of fun and the kids really enjoyed themselves. We started at 7:30 and finished at 10:00. There was pumpkin carving, face painting, donut eating from strings, mummy races and more. Simple but fun. Most of them had never carved pumpkins but they actually got the hang of it and were pretty creative. It was a challenge getting them into the face painting but by the end everyone was doing it, if not on their faces then their hands and arms. We just love working with these kids and have grown so attached to them. We just want to see them make good choices so they can have happy lives as active strong members of the Church. 

Wednesday was district meeting with Elder Rawson, the new elder in Vigo, as the new leader of this district. He did a good job at the meeting and we discussed many ways of improving our work and then discussed specific needs here in the district and set some goals for improving our effectiveness. I am always so impressed with these young elders and their abilities to lead and guide a district, not to mention the other missionaries in the district and their sincere dedication and desire to serve the Lord with all that they have. They inspire me every week to do better while I am serving here.

Today we decided to dress in casual clothing and have a real P-Day. We went to an Italian restaurant one of our english students recommended and it was well worth the visit. We had a delicious lunch and then went to Samil beach and walked on the boardwalk for a while and just enjoyed the sound of the waves, the warm sun, and smell of the ocean. There were people on the beach but nothing like during the summer months. The weather is so warm that it feels like summer again and the skies are clear and blue although there is rain predicted for tomorrow. Larry just got back from a lesson with the elders so we are going to have our study now since we skipped it this morning and slept in. We both had terrible nights last night.  Anyway, bye for now and you all take care.


Mom and Dad

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