Thursday, January 22, 2015

Jan 16, 2015

I can't sleep so it's email time instead.  The weather has changed as of two days ago. We had a couple of rainstorms in October and then it has been sunny and dry up until recently, which is not at all normal for Vigo winters. It usually rains about 70% of the time during the fall and winter months. It has been so beautiful, cool to almost cold but with sunshine. We've been able to do lots of walking during the last months without worrying if it will rain. It looks like the rain has arrived and if it is anything like last year it will be steady until the end of March and then it will be less and less until mid June. I have thoroughly enjoyed the winter months so far and I still have a love for rain in my heart, after growing up in the desert where it was a rare event, so I actually don't mind the rain that much.The women of Vigo have been able to don their fur coats this winter where last winter I never noticed anyone in fur, I assume because of the last year's wetter weather. I have seen some gorgeous furs. 

There are camelia trees lining many Vigo streets and they have begun blossoming and it is a beautiful sight to behold as one travels the city. They brighten the city with their lovely colors and it is such a wonder to have trees flowering in January. They were all in bloom last year when we arrived and it was impressive to arrive at a city in February that was so colorful. In December they planted poinsettias all over the city in the street planter boxes, meridians, and roundabouts.. It was such a festive sight. Most of all them have being switched out now for shade flowers. Vigo does an excellent job keeping their streets groomed and full of colorful trees and flowers.

One of the Africana gentlemen the sisters and I have been teaching, well I've been at two of the discussions, committed to baptism and a date was set for it. He is so enthusiastic about the gospel and says he feels so happy to have found the church. The other African man we have been teaching is progressing but says he has not received an answer to his prayers about the Book of Mormon and baptism. I personally think he has but doesn't recognize that he has. He seems to want a more definite experience. The sisters gave an excellent lesson tonight about baptism and recognizing the subtleties of the spirit. He is very quiet and thoughtful so it may take him a bit longer to make his decision. He came to church Sunday and really liked all the meetings and that is great progress.
Just regular routine stuff going on. Monday and Tuesday I baked. We had JAS game night, district meeting, english class, FHE, and various visits and discussions with the young elders and sisters. One of the elders is sick with stomach flu so yesterday I made him chicken soup and applesauce. He didn't actually eat any until today and it was after your dad went to the pharmacy and got him some medication the mission president's wife recommended. He was at the church this evening, when I was there for a discussion, pale but unwilling to go home early and go back to bed. I hope none of the rest of us get what he had since he seemed pretty miserable for two days.

Wow I wrote this and never got it sent. That was Thursday and now it's Saturday. Not much new just a big district meeting here this morning from 11-1. The employment specialist for the church in all of Spain came to explain the new Self Sufficiency program to the district leaders and auxiliary heads. Larry was invited but I taught english instead and helped the sisters with a lesson they gave to a Chinese woman that is a recent contact.  Then we had lunch with the sisters and later drove them to a part of Vigo I had never seen to have a lesson with some less active members. Since then we have been home doing this and that and getting our Sunday School lesson ready for tomorrow.

Love to you all,

Mom and Dad

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