Sunday, February 8, 2015

Jan 30, 2015

One more week down and I really am not sure how many more to go. I'm not counting down just using a variation of a cliche to start this email. It has been a pretty average week for this time of year with a lot of rain that will continue on until next Wednesday when sunshine is projected. It is definitely rain boots and umbrella weather. I am making good use of my long Eddie Bauer rain coat that I bought at the last minute before we left. I gave my mom's snow boots to one of the Sisters because she has no rain boots and her shoes were constantly soaked. I haven't used them at all since being here plus they are actually too big for me. She seemed really happy to get them and they fit her perfectly. I told her they were pretty special boots because they were my mother's.

Larry and I have both been working with the young Elders and Sisters this past week more than we normally do. The sisters are teaching 3 men from Africa so I am usually included in all of those discussions and Larry has sat in on a couple. The Elders have needed him a few times also this past week or two and sometimes I go along. I have had to really focus more study time on  "Preach My Gospel" so that I can be more involved in the lessons. It is such an excellent book and when one studies it, it provides the means to teach the Gospel  more powerfully and clearly.

Vigo bay in the winter
We have both learned so much as we've spent time studying together and preparing lessons but we also realize we have so much more to learn and we need to be much more familiar with the scriptures so we can teach more effectively. I am so impressed with how well the young Sisters and Elders know the scriptures. Two and a half hours of daily study brings a wealth of scriptural knowledge.

We enjoy each day here and are so appreciative of this opportunity to serve the Lord in this little place in his kingdom. We are grateful to have the health and the financial means to be on a mission. We encourage you all to live the gospel and stay close to the Lord. Teach those little ones in your homes that you have been blessed with. We love all of you.

Mom and Dad

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