Friday, March 13, 2015

March 5, 2015

It's time for an update as to what we are doing here in Vigo as we continue our mission. There was a branch baptism Sunday evening for an eight year old boy that we attended. The family except for the grandmother is less active. She is faithful and brings her young grandkids to church. Two of her older grandkids are JAS age and actually came to the baptism so we were able to talk to them and invite them to our Tuesday activities. We knew the young man but had never met his sister. The missionaries also invited them to a family home evening with a branch family. They didn't come to either activity but we are going to take some of the JAS and try and visit them at home and see if we can help them become enthused again about the gospel. They have both been active in the past.

Sunday evening was the beginning of transfers. One of our Elders left Sunday night so Larry was companion to the remaining until the elders from Pontevedre came to stay the night because one of them was leaving the next morning and his companion would stay here. We were at the train station to say goodbye and then hurried over to the baptism. We picked up the sisters early Monday morning to put one of them on the train to Madrid and the other stayed with us until Wed. morning when her new companion came fresh from the Madrid MTC. Another "greenie" Elder arrived also to be companions with the remaining Pontevedre Elder. The new Elder that would be in Vigo arrived  Monday afternoon at 1:30.  It's hard to be new in the field but everyone goes through it and it is amazing to see how fast these young missionaries grow and progress in such a short time. But they do have the "deer in the headlights" look when they arrive. One thing that is constant in the mission field is change. I didn't like it at first but I now see the blessings that come with changes and am amazed at how quickly everyone adapts to new situations and fits right in with new companions, districts, and branches. The members here are so used to the constant coming and going of the missionaries that they seem to get to know and love them in record time.

Monday a family in the branch, that has recently immigrated from Venezuela, invited all the missionaries to their home for FHE. They were just recently able to move into their own apartment and were so  excited to offer us their hospitality. They are a wonderful couple with two adorable small children. We had such a nice time together with them and the young missionaries. They are still in the process of furnishing their home so we had to bring our camping chairs and two folding chairs so we could have enough seating. They are starting with nothing since leaving their home country but they have a lot of faith and a very positive attitude. They have been called as branch missionaries so we have been able to get to know them really well as we work together.

Since 4 of the JAS have March birthdays we decided to have a birthday celebration as  our activity this past Tuesday. We played games, danced, ate pizza and cupcakes, and made birthday tributes. Also we had a JAS that was moving out of Vigo so it was a goodbye party for him as well. I hope Domino's Pizza appreciates our patronage. We had a great turnout and it was a lively party.

We continue enjoying our work with the Young Single Adults, the other branch members and the young missionaries. There are so many wonderful people here in this part of the "vineyard". We feel very blessed to be having this experience, far more blessed than any kind of sacrifice involved in serving a mission. The Lord always rewards one in numerous ways as we serve so that the gains far exceed any losses we may incur from service. It even feels wrong to use the word loss in regards to service in the kingdom of God. Take care and we love you all. We are excited to hear soon of the birth of our 2nd granddaughter.

Mom and Dad

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