Thursday, April 17, 2014

Apr 16, 2014

Hello to all of you!

I am having a terrible night of sleeplessness so I decided to catch up on email. I am a day later again this week because technically it is Thursday morning. So where to start.

Larry has been hit hard with allergies this past week and is so miserable. I am suffering a little but nothing like he is. His cough is better and his back seems to be doing really well. He  hasn't had pain for a few days. He has had a struggle the last few weeks with feeling good. But he hasn't let him stop him from doing what needs to be done.

Out main focus this week is getting ready for the campout this Friday and Saturday. We buy the food etc tomorrow. I  have been baking for breakfast, banana bread and muffins (in the freezer) for Sat morning. We are having hotdogs, chips, pasta salad and s'mores for Friday evening dinner. I need to make the salad tomorrow but I will put it together at the campout. Our Saturday lunch will be churascos cooked by the counselor in the district presidency. He apparently grills this for lots of group activities. We'll have bread, fruit, salad, and brownies. I need to make the brownies tomorrow also. We have rounded up tents and bought a couple of camp chairs for our own comfort. Actually we bought a couple of tents also because this branch has none and we're short a couple. I think we'll donate them to the branch. Hopefully all the JAS will have a good time and get to know each other better. We have a young couple coming to speak to them about their roll as JAS helping the church to grow here in Spain and the need for preparation such as missions and education etc. The district President is talking about Easter, the Atonement of the Savior, and how it is relevant in our lives daily. Larry will say something at the end before everyone leaves but I'm not sure what.

We had three failed appointments last week and one this week. Two with the elders and two with the sisters. It is so disappointing when people cancel and two appointments (with the same person)he just didn't show. He is a less active JAS and the elders are working with him so we were meeting  teaching with them but he never showed, however ( a small miracle) he came to church on Sunday and is going on the campout. Another less active JAS did meet with the elders in our home to watch the video of the Restoration. This person  has been through the temple and is really struggling. Not sure we'll get this one back.

Sunday we were able to have three JAS over for dinner  after the block along with the elders. We had such a great time getting to know these kids in a smaller group setting. One young woman that came to lunch came to our activity tonight and she had never come before so that felt like a small victory. 

We got together with the JAS for FHE tonight to talk about conference and share what they liked about it, and learned from the messages. We had ice cream sundaes for treats. After JAS FHE we went to branch FHE and the lesson was about temple marriage. They asked Larry to say a few words about the blessings of being sealed as a couple because we were the only ones there that have that experience. The brother giving the lesson is preparing with his wife and kids to attend the temple soon and be sealed. There was another recent convert couple there also that should be going soon. The rest were single.

Today was district meeting which is always enjoyable because we see the missionaries from the other cities that we don't see often and it's good to have that time to know one another better.

Saturday we had a lot of people for english class show up so we divided into groups according to skill level. Then when we were done we had a young man from Africa show up asking if we could teach him english. He hadn't been able to get there on time. He has absolutely no knowledge of english so I started teaching him like I did my kindergartners when I taught them to read. 
We started with the alphabet, vowel sounds. He speaks three language already and is pretty smart so we'll see how it goes. Everyone else we are teaching has previous knowledge of english.

We had a great p-day with the elders and hermanas. We took the ferry over to the Islas Cias. They only allow so many people on the islands each day so you have to book your passage in advance. It is the beginning of the season and the hermanas found out about a special so we all went over together. You saw pix on facebook so you know how absolutely gorgeous the islands are. There is only camping allowed on the island, there are no hotels but there is one restaurant and a cafeteria. Just beautiful wilderness. We hiked to one of the lighthouses but not the highest one. It was a long hike and the hermanas didn't want to hike to the farthest lighthouse. Neither did we but we let them decide. Maybe next time.

Hope this finds you all well and happy. I talked to all but Cameron and Stacey today so I have a pretty good idea that things are going well. Take care.

We love you.

Mom and Dad

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