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Wed, Apr 9, 201

Hi family,

How is everything? We are waiting for it to get late enough in the day to call and find out what the pictures on instagram of Stacey's car and the tow truck is all about. We are hoping all is well.

So I am late again. I used to write these emails on Monday and last week it was Tue. and this week it is Wed. Oh well there is really not a lot that is new and exciting.
Larry's back is much better but he has had a terrible cough and congestion for almost two weeks and doesn't feel all that great. I think he needs to see a Dr.
We had a great P-day with the hermanas Monday of which I'm sure you are already aware since your dad  flooded instagram and facebook with pictures of the beaches and small towns we saw. It was a wonderful relaxing day of enjoying sights and nature. We first went to the beach of Samil which is the closest, and is actually on the outskirts of the City. The next beach was Playa America in Nigran, the one with the river running right into the ocean. It looked like the river had just decided to make a new pathway through the sand and then flowed right into the ocean on the beach. Our last stop was Baiona, where in 1493 the Pinta ( 1 of Columbus's s ships) landed and it was the first to announce to Europe of their finding of the New World. That was also the pix of the romanesque castle, Monterreal, that has a resort hotel built inside it's ancient walls. We didn't actually see the hotel etc.because you have to be a guest to enter that part of the area or buy an entrance pass. So if anyone wants to visit us in Spain we can go stay there for a few days. The resort has its own private beach and other amenities. I looked online and it looks fabulous.

Later that day we all met up with the Elders at Dominos for an all you can eat pizza, Monday special. The Elders eat there every Monday and have been harassing us and the sisters to join them every week since we've been here. I must admit the pizza was delicious, we tried almost every kind, and the Elders can pack it away. We ended up eating 7 large pizzas between the 6 of us. It's 6.50E per person so if one can eat a lot, it is definitely worth the money. 

We did our weekly grocery shopping yesterday at the Gran Via Mall. I love how in other parts of the world one of the anchor stores at a mall is always a supermarket. We shop at CarreFour a very large Walmart style store that is headquartered in France. It's a great store that carries just about anything you could possibly need.

 The Elders and Hermanas came for lunch (which is at 2:30 here in Spain) and we watched the Sunday afternoon session of conference which we had not seen. It was a really nice afternoon and then we transitioned over to the church for the evening where we had two investigators (english speaking) watch the Restoration video. I can never see that video enough times that it still doesn't impact me anew. One of the investigators afterward said "I believe now, I didn't before but I do now." It is truly a powerful film.

Speaking of powerful wasn't  General Conference just that. We were so grateful to be able to enjoy listening to our amazing leaders this past weekend. We watched the Sat morning session live at 6pm here. Larry and I were in charge of setting up our computer to the big screen TV in the Primary room for all of the english speakers, which were us, the Elders, one hermana, and about 5 ward members. We had to buy an HDMI converter and then the cable to go with it. Luckily we did a trial run Fri. night and couldn't get it to work. Larry took everything back to the electronics store and they tried the equipment for us and the cable just didn't work so they gave us a new one and we were successful! For Priesthood and the Women's meeting, which the branch showed Sunday at 11, at the same time, therefore the women were watching the women's meeting in spanish in the Primary room. The english speakers were relegated to our laptop for the Priesthood session and the ipad for the Women's meeting. There were only two women that needed to watch in english so it wasn't a problem I had already listened to the Women's meeting twice in english so I listened with the spanish speaking women. It was a great meeting in both languages. All the english speakers came to our house to eat after and then we all went back to the church around 2pm to watch the Sat afternoon session. Then later at 6 pmthe branch members came to watch the Sunday morning session and we did an english showing also. I love conference weekend and it doesn't matter where in the world a person may be the spirit is so strong and the messages are alway uplifting, meaningful and timely.

Today was district mtg but I had a terrible headache so I sent Larry with the treats and stayed home. Everyone shared a thought from conference and how that helped with missionary work. I had a good thought prepared but oh well, if I am ever asked to speak without notice I can use this thought. It happens out here. After district meeting all of the missionaries except 4 who had to catch a bus, so 8, came over to see how I was doing. Secretly I think they all wanted ice cream bars that we always have on hand as treats for missionaries. They are all such good young men and women we just love them. Later today we have english class and then branch family home evening. Since neither one of us feel great we are going to rest this afternoon so we'll be on for later.

You all take care. Keep face timing. We never get tired of talking to you and seeing the kids and hearing their adventures. We love you all.

Mom and Dad

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