Friday, May 2, 2014

May 1, 2014

Dear Family,

We have a girls night JAS activity planned for tonight. Since the guys all got together last Saturday afternoon to play Xbox the girls felt like they deserved a night of girl fun only. We're making crepes and I'm not sure what else since they are in charge of planning the activities. Laura is in charge of crepes and I am helping by getting some fillings and toppings ready. It starts in an hour and a half so no pressure. Larry is going with the elders to teach a lesson so he won't be here and I think he's glad to have something else to keep him busy. The hermanas are coming to our activity and bringing a young girl who is JAS age. Her mother is a member and apparently this girls comes to church all the time with her mother. 

Today is international workers day so everything is closed except a few restaurants and I did see one small store open. Larry and I just got back from a walk since it is the first sunny day we've had in a while, and we just had to get out and enjoy the sunshine. The streets are very quiet and I think lots of people go to the beach this time of year so I'm sure that's where all the action is. It still feels so novel to be so near the ocean, while walking we caught glimpses of the water and I just can't get enough of it. It is so blue, calm, and beautiful today.

Yesterday we had zone meeting in Santiago. It was the first meeting with out new zone leaders Elder Bassett (Texas)and Elder Faucett (St. George). They both did an awesome job of planning and teaching. I'm sure it takes a lot to pull off a good hour and a half meeting that teaches and inspires these young adults to go back out and teach the gospel every day. They always have a zone leader meeting with President Jackson the day before and come back well prepared to pass along instruction from him to us. The main message from the meeting yesterday was the importance of scripture study and a strong knowledge and testimony of these books. This is the most powerful tool we have. We were reminded to go the scriptures for answers to questions of those we teach and work with. 

After the meeting we took some time to visit the Cathedral in the city. It is the 2nd largest pilgrimage destination in Europe with the Vatican being first. We saw a few people making their way toward the Cathedral with the their back packs and walking sticks. I had visited here when I was here as a student in 73 but I'll be honest nothing looked familiar to me at all. Supposedly the Apostle James is buried here and we were able to see the casket that is on display inside the Cathedral.

After arriving home I made a mad dash to the store to get the items for our activity tonight since all the stores were going to be closed today. Larry went to teach english while I shopped. After that we had branch family home evening. Our numbers were few because of the holiday and the district temple trip that started yesterday. They left on a bus here in Vigo last night at midnight. I'm not sure how many were going from our branch but the bus was for the entire district. It picked up the first group in Ferrol 2 hours north of here and made it's way towards Vigo picking members up in some of the towns along the way. Some of our JAS made the trip!

I've been able to sit in on a few lessons with the sisters as they teach a young man from Africa. He is very humble and teachable. He seems to understand what is being taught and believe the message but he still has doubts and hasn't come to church yet. He's hurt his foot so he has to wear athletic shoes for comfort so he says it's not respectful to attend church in those shoes and he can't wear his dress shoes because they hurt so he won't come. We've tried to reassure him that the athletic shoes are fine and it's more important to come to church but with no success. 

The JAS had FHE here Tuesday. We had such a good lesson with everyone sharing one scripture about the Savior or a scripture that was a quote from him. These kids are surprisingly thoughtful for being so young. One young man that was pretty much not interested in being part of JAS when we got here is coming regularly now and participating and has even begun going to institute. Seeing the gradual change in him has really been rewarding for us. We hope to be able to encourage him to serve a mission.  

It's been good to talk to you all throughout this past week we love getting facetime calls whenever and wherever. We love you all and pray for you and the grands everyday. Hope all is well. Love to each of you.

Mom and Dad

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