Thursday, May 29, 2014

May 29, 2014

Hi family,

It was so fun to found out Devry is having another little boy to add to our growing gang of grandsons. Sadie will just remain the best and favorite granddaughter  for a while anyway. Count your blessing...and we have so many to count and for which to be grateful. We are so grateful for each member of our family and glad to be able to stay in such close contact with all of you and feel like we are part of the happenings back home.

We were invited about a month ago to start attending branch council meeting. So we've gone to the last three. It is nice to be able to know the details about what is going on in the branch and who is in need etc. They are held Friday night at 8 'o clock. That would never fly in a lot of places but it seems to work really well here. The first week we went the turn out was sparse but I think it was a holiday, since then everyone has been there. They usually let us and the young missionaries leave at 9 if it goes longer. This last week there was choir practice for District Conference after so they quit at 9 for the practice. Larry and I are singing in the choir. He is one of the four base singers. We are badly in need of more men to sing. 

We made it to Lugo on Saturday for Reymos baptism. He seemed so happy and a little nervous before the baptism and just radiant after. There was a good group of people there to support him. The other JAS had brought drinks and I brought brownies so we had some light refreshments after and talked and got to know people.

Sunday we had Catarina, Sandra, and the hermanas over for dinner after church. Catarina was baptized a few weeks ago and Sandra less than a year. They are both from Brazil and met at Sandra's hair salon. Catarina is struggling through a divorce right now and it has been really hard on her. She found a job a few days after her baptism so that has been a blessing. We had a really nice lunch and loved getting to know these two lovely young ladies better.

Monday we went with the young missionaries to the Vigo Zoo. It is a really nice little zoo that is well kept and beautifully landscaped. I think we saw about six other visitors while we were at the zoo. School is out this week so I'm sure business will pick up during the summer months. There was also a big lookout near the zoo where you could see the harbor, islands, and all around Vigo. It was just gorgeous and we spent a long while just enjoying the beautiful views that surround us. I am constantly amazed at how absolutely green and lovely this part of the world is. We have read that the north of Spain is a relatively undiscovered tourist destination. It is true. There was a cruise ship docked in the harbor that brought back a lot of happy memories.

Tuesday was our weekly JAS activity. We were so thrilled to get a few more kids to attend. Our numbers are growing slowly but surely. Larry talked to the kids about their future and the need to start thinking about schooling and future employment. Paco Serrano, who is over education and employment for the church in Spain is doing two workshops here this Saturday, one in Vigo the other in A Caruna, so Larry really encouraged the kids to attend the workshop to help increase their skills and add to their knowledge to help them as they go out into the world. We then had "minute to win it" play offs with prizes. We made parfaits for refreshments and then just sat around and played xbox and chatted until we had to drive the hermanas home at 9:45.

Yesterday was district meeting and the zone leaders came and visited and also to do a companion exchange. We had a good meeting mostly discussing what was learned and impressed us at the zone conference with President Jackson. After zone conference we all went to lunch at Tommy Mel's Diner to celebrate elder McCallister's birthday. 

Last night who should show up at branch family home evening but our favorite African investigator that we hadn't seen for at least two weeks. The sisters had finally gotten him on the phone and asked him if he would prefer to have them quit calling him. He said "yes, but call me tomorrow." English isn't his first language so sister Seastrand thought he hadn't understood. I'm not sure all that happened after that but we were all so surprised and happy when he showed up last night. Part of the lesson was for everyone to share a "tender mercy" they had received from the Lord. He said he was blessed that the missionaries found him and that he could keep learning the truth from them. We have a lesson with him tonight so who knows but we have high hopes for this sweet man.

Larry did a split with the missionaries a couple of evenings ago and I think he really enjoyed having that teaching experience. They taught a young man that said he had read the New Testament and never had a confirmation of its truth. They gave him a book of Mormon and told him this is a different book with a promise and of course read Moroni 10:4-5 with him. He seemed really skeptical but agreed to read it. We'll see.

Good luck with all the moving Dana, Stacey and families. Lots of changes happening for the better. Take care all of you.

Mom and Dad

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