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Jun 12, 2014

Hi all,

Vigo has finally put on its face of summer. Apparently there is a local saying that the "40th of May" is the end of the cold rainy weather and the beginning of sunshine. It must be true because we have had sun the last  few days and the temp is climbing a bit. The people have given up their boots for sandals, jackets for short sleeves and summer wear and the umbrellas have disappeared. There is definitely a different feeling in the air. Also the cruise ships are porting at least twice a week and we see lots of cruise ship tourists in the city. We talked to an elderly couple from England at McDonald's the other day and they had left England and gone to the Canary Islands and were on the return trip back to England. They said they had done this cruise before and love seeing Spain this way. I think I would love seeing Spain this way also.

We spent today inspecting the young missionaries apartments here in Vigo and in Pontevedre. Pontevedre is about a 25 minute drive from Vigo. We have been asked to do this for the entire district so that will mean some travel on our part but we enjoy that and it gives us a chance to make contact with the JAS in the other cities. We went to lunch with the sisters in Pontevedre and had a nice chat with them. We sure do love associating with all these young missionaries. It has been such an unexpected blessing. Pontevedre has such a charming old town that we want to go back and really explore sometime. The GPS guided us into the city a through the streets of the old town, which are very narrow and we were the only car on some of these roads or wide sidewalks as they appeared to be. Larry was so nervous that they were pedestrian only paths and kept saying "I've got to get out of here." It seemed wherever we turned there were more narrow streets. I was loving drive because everything was so quaint and charming. I told Larry nobody is giving us a second glance so cars must use these streets. According to the sisters cars can use the streets but there is normally very little traffic. We finally made our way out of the old town maze and found a parking garage and walked from there. Live and learn.

Yesterday was zone meeting in Santiago. We left here about 10 and got home about 4 and then add english class and branch FHE and the day was pretty much over. It was a long day but very enjoyable. It's always so good to see all the other missionaries and I love making treats for them to have when the meeting is over. The meeting lasted 2 and a half hours and
everyone was starving by the time it was over. We had snacks and then a group of us went to lunch. I would love to make lunch for all of them but that is just not possible.
Our JAS championship xbox soccer playoff activity was such a lot of fun. We actually had two JAS come that had never come before so we consider that a success. Tairi who is our JAS leader said it was a great night. She seems to think we are doing okay working with the Young Single Adults. It is a matter of patience and consistency with these kids. We are here for 13 more months so we'll just keep on keeping on.

Monday I spent the whole day baking for the zone meeting and the JAS activity. I made banana bread, carmel apple bread, zucchini rosemary bread, and cheesy pull apart bread. It was a lot of work but everyone seemed to enjoy the food. We also made ice cream sundaes after the xbox competition with the winner getting a big pedestal cup in which to make his extra large sundae. I also made nacho cheese dip for FHE that was a big hit. I am never sure if some of the American food is going to be enjoyed by everyone but so far so good.
I don't know if I mentioned that Teo our African investigator showed up at church last Sunday. We were so excited to see him there. He seemed to enjoy the meeting and we gave him a lesson the next day but haven't seen him since. He last said he was too busy to see us. Hmmmmm, we aren't giving up.

We had a sick elder this past weekend. He showed up at branch council looking really pale and we could tell he didn't feel good. Larry talked him into going home and drove both the elders home for the night. Saturday he was still bad and kept getting a fever of over 101. Sunday his fever reached 102 so after sacrament meeting Larry took him to the emergency room after getting the okay from the Mission President. Turns out he had a gastrointestinal infection so they gave him antibiotics and he is fine now. With all the people that have meningitis here in Vigo, two in our branch, we were a little paranoid that's what he had.
It's late so I better say goodbye for now. You all take care and know we miss all of you and love all of you.
Mom and Dad

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