Friday, June 27, 2014

Jun 27, 2014

Hi to all the fam,

Well my mind is blank as to what we did last week but I am thinking. I do remember we had missionary movie night at the church last Friday. It was an activity designed to get people to bring their nonmember and less active friends for a relaxing evening. We showed the move "Ephraim's Rescue" which I had never seen. It's really well done and I enjoyed it so much. We had a pretty decent turnout, served popcorn and drinks to make it feel like a real movie event.

Saturday we drove up to A Caruna to check two sets of elder's apartments. I'm glad I'm not a young missionary and I'll leave it at that. We took the elder's out to lunch after the apt checks to a little neighborhood restaurant, which are typical here in the north. There are one or more of this style of restaurant on every city block. They have similar menus, they're fairly inexpensive, and most serve a decent hamburger so what is not to like. After lunch we attended the baptism for a father whose wife and kids are already members and have been recently reactivated. The missionaries love a baptism that completes a family's membership so it was a wonderful event for everyone. After the baptism we had an activity with the JAS in the A Caruna branch. We showed a video about the atonement, the elder's bore their testimonies, we played games, and then ate hot dogs, chips, cookies and brownies. We had a nice turnout and got better acquainted with the kids in that branch. Their was a young women there that is getting baptized next Wed. evening and I am so sad I won't be here to go to the baptism. But more happy that I'll be in UT with Mallory and Griffin.

Sunday night we took Hermana Giler to the bus station to catch a midnight bus to Madrid. She flew home to Barcelona on Tuesday. We had a few problems getting her on the bus because the office elders overlooked the detail that she needed a ticket and not just a confirmation number. We got her on the bus but she had to buy another ticket. We are sad to see her go but happy for her to start another phase of her life. Hermana Seastrand spent the night with us and we had to have her at the train station Monday at 7:30 along with Elder Sargent because they were both transferred to new areas. We got them off and two missionaries came from Pontevedre, Sister Snelson to spent the day with us and Elder Saunders to be with Elder McAllister until their new companions arrived. I fixed what Larry has named our "babysitting breakfast" which is scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, and OJ. The missionaries all seem to really enjoy having this typical American breakfast even if they aren't American.

Around  1:30 we all went back to the train station to meet all the incoming transfers. Sister Nydegger, Sister Shoaman, and Elder Hendrix who will all be serving here in Vigo. We went to our apt. and fed them lunch and then made a few trips to deliver luggage, sisters, and elders. It was a long day. 

Tuesday we had the weekly JAS FHE. Larry and I are going to teach a lesson from Preach My Gospel every week. He taught the Plan of Salvation this week. These kids know there stuff and we had really good participation. I have loved studying  Preach My Gospel on a daily basis with Larry. That's been a wonderful blessing for us. After the less we (okay Larry) taught the kids to play 42. They caught on pretty quickly and we had a fun night. I made cinnamon and white chocolate popcorn and cheesy popcorn for treats. I took the same popcorn to branch FHE Wed. night and it was a hit there also.

Thanks to our talented Mallory,who designed them for us, we got all our visuals to a printer yesterday and hopefully they'll be ready by Monday. We are having 7 posters made that we will be using for weekly open houses at the church. The subjects they depict are The B of M, Temples, and Family History. We hope to involve the JAS and other branch members with the open houses. There is so much foot traffic that passes our building on a daily basis that we are hoping to attract a few interested people. People are always stopping to look at the sign with the church's name and at the posters in the window so who knows. 

We shopped earlier today to prepare for lunch after Sunday. We have invited all the JAS to come over and eat and just have some good conversation. I am making Italian food and can't find Italian sausage for the spaghetti sauce so I found all the spices and I made my own. It has to sit for 12 or more hours before it can be cooked . I hope it's good. I am trying to make as much ahead as I can so tomorrow I'll be in the kitchen most of the day.

We just got home from branch council after a two week break because the entire branch presidency has been out of town and the executive secretary is in the hospital. Sunday a member of the district presidency presided and conducted sacrament meeting. The poor executive secretary has the same problem your dad had only much worse. We visited him yesterday and he looked good but is in so much pain and told us he is unable to walk. He will probably end up having surgery. He is in the same hospital Larry was so they commiserated a bit.

I will be home Tuesday night as we booked my ticket today a few hours before Mallory went into labor so I most likely won't be there when she comes home from the hospital. I feel so bad about that but it I'll be there soon after. Can't wait to meet baby Griffin and see all of you again for two weeks. I love it here but there's no place like home and no people better than family.

Love to you all,

Mom and Dad

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