Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sep 16, 2014

Hi to all,

I can't believe it's Tuesday and I'm  already a day behind in  my writing.  Last Tuesday most of the JAS came to the  church in the evening to help decorate for Andriv's good bye FHE party on Wed. We really decorated everything so nice with the colors red, green, and white. It looked very festive.  Wed. night so  many branch members came and everyone brought food so we had  more like a meal with lots of desserts. The party was such a lot of fun. We showed two videos of Andriv's life one of him growing up,  and the other with picture of his JAS years. His mom spoke, along with your dad, and Justino (his temple escort) and of course Andriv. Then it  was party time with music and dancing. It was such a lot of fun and a good send off for a missionary.

Saturday morning at 8 we went to the train station to see Andriv off to Madrid to be set apart by President Jackson. His mom  was able to go with  him so he wasn't alone and his older sister lives in Madrid and they have friends there so I am sure he had a  good support group at his setting apart.
Later in the day we met with Tairi, our JAS leader and planned the  next few months of activities. It can be a  challenge coming up with a variety of activities. We are limited by lack of transportation and budget but we do okay and the kids seem to be enjoying our get togethers.

We met with the RS pres. last week for a couple of hours and she talked to us about some of the couples in the branch that are struggling with staying active and getting to the temple to be sealed. She asked if we could start visiting and spending time with them and help encourage them in their efforts. So that is something new we will be doing that we are looking forward to. 

There is an LDS JAS age American here in Vigo until January as an exchange student from Ut State. That will be a nice addition to our group. In fact he was called Sunday to be the other JAS leader in the branch. He seems like a great guy, a returned missionary from Argentina, so excited about everything. He brought 3 other exchange students to Andriv's farewell party and invited them to church Sunday but they were too tired after going to Portugal and getting home late Sat. night. He said he would bring them tonight to the activity.

Institute started Sunday and we were so thrilled to have 8 kids show up. There are actually three  more enrolled that weren't there. Last year when we got here there was an average attendance of 3-4, so we are really trying to get these kids  excited about this new year.
We still have our regular routine of meetings, english classes, baking, dinners here, visiting etc. that keeps us busy most of the time. We do have an occasional lull in our routine but we enjoy the down time also and can go and see some things or just read and keep up with other odds and ends. Missionary work is so rewarding and just a happy time. We feel so blessed to be able to serve this mission here in Spain.

We loved being part of Griffin's blessing and all the other times we've face timed this past week. Take care and we love each of you so much.

Mom and Dad

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