Thursday, October 2, 2014

Sep 23, 2014

Hello dearest family,

If you've been on facebook today you know we started the day going to the fish market to buy swordfish. Angie, one of our JAS from Peru is teaching everyone how to make ceviche tonight at our activity and I told her we would get the fish. It wasn't as easy as I thought. We went to a few places and they all said "we usually have swordfish but not today" however at  last we found a little shop that had one piece and it was enough for our project. After that we came home and I started baking, oatmeal scotchies and brownies for tonight and zone meeting in Santiago tomorrow. I still have to make a stuffed baguette but I'm tired of the kitchen and taking a break. Meanwhile your dad is driving to Pontevedre to meet the owner of the former sister's apt. and close that down. I assume that means no more sisters there. So sad I love having sisters in our zone but now it's just the two in Vigo. After that he's meeting the sisters and taking them and their investigator to the Doctor. She is trying to quit smoking and apparently having a lot of anxiety. I feel for her and I know she really wants to stop so she can be baptized. I hope he can make it back in time for our "Sharing Skills Night" JAS activity.

We had a temple missionary couple come from Madrid come and spend the weekend with us. They are the Grieves from Springville where they have retired after having raised their family in Sacramento, CA. This is their third mission and they are such great people. We had a wonderful time showing them some of the beautiful sights between here and Portugal and then of course we went into Portugal to see Valenca the city surrounded by Romanesque walls. We also did some sight seeing around Vigo and ate at this wonderful Uruguayan restaurant. The Grieves had spent part of one of their missions in Uruguay and wanted to find a restaurant and eat some of their favorite foods from there so we found one and we loved what we ordered. We have a Uruguayan gentleman in our branch that told us two of his favorite restaurants with Uruguayan food.

Larry started getting sick last week at our JAS pizza night (which had a record attendance of 15) and woke up Wed. feeling terrible. After District meeting and getting all the elders back to their buses he pretty much hit the bed for the next two days with a terrible cold. Finally Saturday he felt well enough to help teach english class. After that we were also able to go with the sisters, to one of the families we've been asked to work with, to get to know them and leave a spiritual message. We talked a lot about the temple, obedience and the blessings they both bring into our lives. They seemed happy to have us there and when the mother gave the closing prayer she asked the Lord to help them get to church the next day. I thought for sure we would see them at church but no such luck. They rarely come so we'll just keep trying to build a relationship with them and help them any way we can.

We spent part of P-day showing the Grieves more of Vigo before they left around 11. We took them to this little church on a hill above Vigo that has amazing 360 degree views of the city, harbor, ocean and the islands off the coast. When we got their there was a tour bus there and the church was open. We had never seen it open before or even anyone on the grounds. For a Euro we climbed the bell tower of the church and were able to see even more breathtaking views. Later the sisters came to lunch and after that we went to the store to buy some things I needed for the food tonight and tomorrow. It was a fun easygoing day spent with wonderful people.

Love you all.

Mom and Dad

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