Thursday, October 16, 2014

Oct 15, 2014

Dear Family,

We had district meeting today and the focus was on investigators. The idea being that everything missionaries do is for the benefit of those being taught the gospel. All the study and routine of a missionary's day is in place so that the gospel can be brought more effectively to more people. As missionaries the goal is to bring souls to Christ and those are the investigators. I love our district meetings and learn so much during the time we spend together but our as focus as a senior couple is so different that it would be nice to have a meeting regularly with other senior couples that work with the JAS like we do. We do love the young missionaries and try to work closely with them and help in their work also since we have the time. We are all on the same team!

We have been visiting with the less actives with the sisters a lot and really enjoy that. It helps us get to know people we normally wouldn't see very often. We left some cookies at one home last Friday with a teenage son that was the only one home. Sunday the mother came up to me and thanked me so kindly for the cookies. I had never met her before and she is such a lovely person. The sisters said they had never seen her stay for all three meetings so maybe a little progress was made because of our visit.

Sunday we invited a family over for dinner and enjoyed getting to know them better. They are from Peru and have had a hard time adjusting to Spain. The dad can't work because of an injury but luckily his wife has found work. They have two kids, one studying at a university in Lima and a 17 year old daughter here. The daughter is going to Provo soon to spend three months with relatives. She is trying to learn english and that is the main reason for the trip to the US. 

The sisters and I made applesauce and chicken soup Monday for an investigator and a lady in the ward that has been sick The investigator is the lady I mentioned before that was trying to quit smoking. She loves applesauce so we thought she would appreciate homemade. The sisters invited us to have lunch with them and this sweet lady yesterday. She has done really well not smoking and was interviewed for baptism today and will be baptized Saturday. We picked her up and brought her to english class today and she stayed for FHE and loved it. 

We have been focusing on Family History in our sunday school class with the JAS, trying to get them excited about it and understanding the importance of the work. Larry showed them some of our family pictures he put on the Family search website and that seemed to grab their attention.

One of the young women in our group told us she has decided to serve a mission. We are so excited for her. She speaks english and will be a wonderful missionary wherever she serves. The two young men that seemed so excited about serving a mission haven't really progressed much as far as getting the ball rolling. We have been told not to pressure one of them because it really bothers him when branch members bring it up to him. We haven't ever said much of anything except to offer our help if it is needed. I'm sure the thought of a mission can seem overwhelming and even frightening to some of these kids.

We had a great activity last night with the JAS. It was "Skills Night #2." They seem to really enjoy teaching and learning from each other. They wanted to do it again so we did. We'll continue until everyone has had a turn. Two of the young men talked about fitness and weight training. Another taught us to make a pasta dish typical of the Dominican Republic where he is from. He eventually wants to study to become a chef. One of the young women who is studying early childhood ed. talked about the physical development of newborn children to 2 years of age. Another young woman offered to bring the refreshments and brought an amazing Peruvian chicken and rice dish. We ate really well last night!

President and Sister Jackson came to Vigo Saturday evening. We had no idea they were coming until the sisters told us at english class Sat. morning. By the time they got here we were busy with the young missionaries. Larry went to teach with the elders and after that we were going visiting with the sisters. They did manage to interview both sets of young missionaries Sat night. We only saw them for a few minutes after fast and testimony meeting Sunday before they left. Actually Larry saw Pres. Jackson Sun. evening at a district Priesthood meeting in Santiago.

We hope all is well you you and yours. We love you.

Mom and Dad

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