Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Oct 7, 2014

Hi family!

We had over a week of gorgeous crystal clear blue skies after a several days of rain but as of yesterday we are back to clouds and rain. We are learning to appreciate cloudless skies and take advantage of no rain to spend time out in the fresh air walking. I absolutely love walking around the city  for fun, shopping, eating at restaurants, or visiting  people. It's something, aside from visiting nearby neighbors, we don't have opportunity to do at home. Admittedly the hills can be overwhelming and cause us to resort to the car, the same with distance. We went on a walk yesterday and it started to sprinkle but we kept going and finally the rain came in earnest however, we were able to duck into an ice cream parlor and have a treat as we watched the rain and waited for it to pass.

We watched the Sat afternoon session of conference with the elders and sisters yesterday and fed them lunch. We're doing the same today during their lunch break so we can watch the Sunday afternoon session. I made tomato soup and peanut butter cookies and we're ordering pizza to complete the meal. It was a good conference weekend, different than in Utah but still so enjoyable. We were able to get most of the JAS to come to the Saturday morning session which aired at 6 pm here. We followed the session with a lasagna dinner and had about 20 in attendance. We invited the Branch President and his family and a few single members to join us. Larry got a good discussion about conference going during the meal and several people shared things said during the session that meaningful to them. It is good to hear from our leaders twice a year and be uplifted, counseled, and guided. I always feel so confident after Conference weekend that all will be well in the end. We have much to be grateful for.

We were again in charge of the english sessions of conference as far as setting up the computer and getting the signal. Larry saved the spanish Priesthood session by letting them use our computer and cords because they were missing the right cord for the they had computer and the sisters were watching the women's session in the chapel. The young sisters and I watched in spanish so some African gentlemen with less spanish skills could use the ipad for english Priesthood.

We just got back from taking one of the sisters' investigators to the doctor. She is a sweet lady that is trying to quit smoking and having a lot of anxiety and she hopes the doctor can help her with her problem. She goes back tomorrow at 9 for a more thorough exam.

Well this letter is being written in stages. We just got home from our JAS activity. We divided into two groups and went to visit two older women in the branch. We are  disappointed at the lack of attendance we got tonight. We only had 2 girls come with us to visit Tomasa and Tairi (JAS leader) was by herself visiting another lady. I haven't talked to Tairi but we had a wonderful time during our visit. Tomasa told us her conversion story and some of the miracles that have happened to her since joining the church. She takes her Book of Mormon wherever she goes and talks to everyone about the gospel. She is truly an angel. We asked her how old she was and she said "You mean without lying?" She is 85, only been a member for 7 months, and so faithful.  She absolutely raved on and on about how much she enjoyed General Conference. Somehow she missed it in April so this was her first time to ever watch it. Some of our JAS needed the experience of serving others and missed out big time tonight.

Well this is short and hopefully sweet. You all take care. Love you so much

Mom and Dad

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