Monday, March 3, 2014

Feb 28, 2014

Hello to you all,

I haven't written for a week so I need to stop and think what has been going on. With your dad's posts you probably have a pretty good idea but I'll catch you all up.

Last Saturday we went to Santiago because your dad needed to attend a district counsel meeting. I happened to get there and was able to participate in the afternoon part of SS with the YMYW. They had a pretty good group there but so many are unable to come because of transportation problems. The district pres. wife spoke to them about the importance of education. She is pretty hilarious and animated so the youth really seemed to like her presentation. At least they laughed a lot and responded to discussion questions. There were a few YSA there so I was able to meet them. Two of them were actually from our branch.

Sunday they sustained your dad as a district council member. We met Roberto Hernandez and his wife and family at church. He has a darling family. Three kids two boys and one girl. His wife is Primary Pres. She seems very nice. They are moving to Germany in a month so we won't see them much longer. He works for Bosch, the automotive parts dept. Who knew??? We also attended a baptism, an 8 year old boy from the branch. You saw the pix of the font. Your dad was fascinated. We went to institute and met some more YSA. There is quite a group in this branch and I wish we could get them all together at the same time. We're working on it.

Tuesday we had a YSA FHE at out apt. with quite a good turnout. Well 6 and 4 more counting the Elders and the Hermanas. Everyone's schedules are so different it's hard to find a good time that works for everyone. It was a pretty fun evening and they ate everything I served except they didn't like raw broccoli with ranch dressing. Of course Larry made everyone try some saying it was an American custom. I then told them he had never eaten broccoli since I had known him and they thought that was quite amusing.

Wed we left at 3:30 on the train to Madrid. We got there at 10pm and to the hotel about 11:30. It was a late night for everyone. We traveled up with all the Hermanas and Elders from the district. Don't know if you saw the pix. We had to be up the next morning at 7 for breakfast at the hotel. Then we left at 8 for the mission tour conference. It started at 10 but Elder Sullivan (he and his wife work with the YSA in Madrid) (plus he is an ex MoTab member) taught all the missionaries a special number for the meeting. It was We'll Bring the World HIs Truth. The Hermanas sang a descant for part of the song. It was beautiful. The meetings were amazing. I am sure the young missionaries left feeling so inspired. I know we did. Elder Tiexierau spoke along with Pres. Jackson, his wife, and sister Tiexierau. We met the Hunts another YSA couple in Oveido and had a good talk with them. We are going to try to get together every month or so. We live 4 hours from each other so we'll meet somewhere in the middle. They feel alone and in need of other adults and I think it will be good for us also. We can also share ideas. We came home on the train this morning. We had to be at the metro by 6 to be on the train by 7:20. So another early morning. We arrived in Vigo at 1:30 and I felt like I was home. We live very near the train station so we can walk.

We just met with the district employment rep. and a counselor in the district pres. and planned how we are going to approach getting the information to the members about how to improve their employment possibilities, how to look for a job, and the importance of preparing for the future. So many of the YSA here in Spain are neither working or going to school. It's a very big problem. Especially since unemployment in Spain is so high.

Tomorrow we only have English class here at the church at 12pm so I think we'll rest up a bit. We are doing great and really enjoying everything we are doing. We love getting to know these YSA. I hope all the travelers to Vegas, Dana, Devry, and Ashley have a great weekend. Enjoy Celine and each other. Mallory and Mark good luck moving. I hope you found some help. Ryan, Cameron, and Quinn take good care of the kids while their moms are off having a break. Stacey have a fun weekend with your boys. Danny make a lot of money at your show.

We love you guys.

Mom and Dad.

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