Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Mar 18, 2014

Hi all,

I've talked to all of you except Cameron so this will be redundant but I am keeping a journal via my emails.
A week ago Sunday we drove up to LaCaruna for church and to meet with the JAS during the sunday school hour. The branch members were so warm and welcoming and I think a bit disappointed we weren't going to be living in their branch. They had a senior couple there for two years that left in Jan. The Branch President asked us to say a few words during Sacrament Meeting so that was a little stressful (at least for me) as we were not prepared but it was fine. We met with the JAS and they are such a great group of young folks. One of the JAS reps is also the Elder's Quorum Pres. And the other is in the Primary. But we had a really good meeting with them. It is our hope to be able to organize our time and work out a schedule so we can meet with the three main branches once a month at church and for an activity. Of course we will do more with the Vigo group since we're right here. These branches have the largest groups of JAS. Then we'll do the best we can with the other branches.  

The two JAS reps in our branch were inspired and found a site for the district JAS campout in April. The Branch Pres. in Ferrol has a small farm and said we could have our campout there. They actually talked to his wife about it and she was more than happy to have us come. 

Monday we went with the hermanas, elders, and one of our JAS and her mom for a paseo. They took us outside of the city to a hill and we drove all the way to the top where there are awesome views from three sides. It was beautiful and even better because it was a crystal clear blue sky. We ate lunch in a little park and then climbed even higher to the very top and looked out from a different angle. Just amazing. You could see the entire city, the ocean, and across to the islands. Then we drove to the other side of the valley to see and old castle but the sight was closed on Mondays. It was a great day.

Tuesday we had a lot of down time so we organized our JAS info on the computer. Oh yes but the most important happening was getting the internet in our piso. No more trips to the church to correspond. We did some major shopping to restock water and other grocery items and we're still getting odds and ends for the piso. I made a list of Birthdays for JAS by month and branch so we can do some little something for them on their birthdays.

Wed. was district meeting. I must say these young missionaries do a great job of teaching, encouraging one another and helping build skills. I brought cake for their treat and it's fun to see them just gobble up anything. We taught Spanish at 7 and were getting ready for FHE with the branch when Larry pretty much collapsed in pain. He had been having pain but that seemed to be a turning point. He said there was no way he could walk home. We called the mission Pres. (He's a doctor) and he told us to go get some anti-inflammatory medication. Se we ran next door to the Pharmacy and got it (no need for prescriptions here) . He took it and after about 20 minutes he was able to make it home. The next day Pres. Jackson recommended prednisone (again no prescription needed). We kept Larry in bed for the next few days hoping the meds would work but by Sat. the pain got much worse and we had to take him to emergency. They did x rays which showed nothing then admitted him. They had him on IV with pain meds and other meds orally. Monday they did an MRI and today the DR. read it and said he had a herniated disc. The options are physical therapy which can work really well or surgery. Pres. Jackson wants to see his tests and send them to his colleagues in Provo and get their opinion. So that's where we are. Your dad is home and has a regime of meds to take for a while. The young elders here have been life savers the last few days. They have gotten us to and from the hospital and done lots of things for us in the interim. Great young men.

We feel terrible about the car for your sake Dana. All in all it's been one heck of a week. Love to you all and this too shall pass. 

Love Mom and Dad.

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