Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Mar 24, 2014

Well the first couple of days last week were quiet because Larry needed to stay down and rest. It seemed to help him to really take it easy. He's gotten the pain under control and usually has very little pain when he sits or lays. He can't walk very far before he starts to have pain so that limits his activity. Pres. Jackson should have gotten his MRI disc today so maybe we'll hear soon what suggestions there are for treatment.

We did make it to district meeting Wed morning but the elders were the taxi service instead of Larry. We had a great meeting and all the missionaries said they would pray for your dad. I made banana bread and cut up fruit for the missionaries to eat before they left to return back to their own cities. Gotta keep those yunguns fed. We missed english class and  branch FHE later that evening. But Larry was hurting.

We were able to attend a baptism Fri. evening. I played the piano which tells you we are short on talent sometimes. I even played a special number the RS sisters sang. A darling 81 year old lady, named Tomasa, was baptized. She says when the elders started talking to her in the street she would normally have just walked on and said" I don't have time'" but she knew she needed to stop and listen to them. Then she said she knew she had been waiting to hear what they had to share with her. It was kind of scary getting her into the baptismal "font". You have to climb up a ladder and then down to get into the water. She just couldn't make the last rung to get all the way in so finally elder Bennett just lifted her all the way in. So sweet. I just love going to these convert baptisms. Such a feeling of joy that accompanies these new members.

Friday we went to Pontevedre and while we were there we took the hermanas in that town out for lunch. Larry loves taking the missionaries out to eat. He just wants to do something nice for them. I hadn't been to Pontevedre before so it was good to get familiar with another town in district.

Saturday we were able to go teach english. I actually took that time to practice hymns since there were plenty of teachers for the students we had. I need to get over to the church often and practice. I have been playing regularly for district meetings and baptisms.

Sunday was a long day since we visited Ferrol for their block of meetings. It's a two hour drive. We were able to meet with the JAS during Sunday School and talk about the campout in April and go over their list of JAS we were given by the district for that branch. We are trying to update the lists anyway we can.  After church we went with the Branch Pres. wife to see the property they have where we will have our campout. It is really just a huge fenced yard with a small orchard that is around their house. It should work just fine. Sister Amado said we could use their bathrooms. Very nice of her. They live in such a gorgeous area among hills and fields with wonderful views. They are actually close to the beach. Larry wants to get a hotel room on the beach for us because there is no way he can sleep out on the ground. It's going to take some doing to pull this campout off but hopefully well get it done. 

Today was P-day so we took the elders and hermanas to Tommy Mel's Diner for lunch. We had such a fun time with them. Transfers are coming up next week and we might lose as many as three of them so we thought we'd have a lunch together just in case. I know transfers are necessary but I just love these four missionaries we work with. Of course it will be wonderful to get to know different missionaries.

It's been good to talk to you on skype and keep in touch. Cam & Stacey we tried to call you today but no success. Let us know any news via skype or email. Take Care.

Mom and Dad

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