Saturday, March 8, 2014

Mar 8, 2014

Hi everyone,

We are here in English class and since your dad pretty much takes over I am writing to you guys and adding my 2 cents to the conversation when I feel like it. We have English classes for anyone who wants to learn English every Wed at7 pm and Sat. at 12. I really love working with the people that come to class. 

This evening at 7 there is a baptism for a young single mother that the hermanas have been teaching. We went with them Thu. evening to give her, Cristiana, her last discussion before baptism. She was so excited and looking forward to today. It will be a happy event. We are going to help set up the baptismal font today so we'll know how to do it. We'll do it right after English class.

Last Saturday a ward member Janet, from the Philipines, and Danny one of our JAS took us to lunch. We went to a nearby mall that has a food court. There was a Mediterranean buffet and that is where we had lunch. There were a lot of choices and most of what I had was pretty good. Larry really loved and the Elders say they have been there and they love it. Buffets are not my favorite. But it was so nice of Janet to take us and she absolutely would not let us pay. 

Monday a branch member, Sandra, invited the hermanas, elders, and us to brunch. It was hermana Fabrosa's birthday so it was a celebration also. The table was so full of food it was unbelievable. It was awesome! I couldn't believe all the preparation that had gone into the meal. Sandra is from Brazil and owns a hair salon-spa so that's where we had brunch. She is a recent convert of a few months. Hermana Barbosa is originally from Brazil so she and Sandra  have a strong bond. Sandra's a great person.

We had zone meeting in Santiago Wed. morning. We had the sisters ride up with us so they wouldn't have to take the bus. Poor elders we couldn't fit them in the car. The meeting was great. We have great zone leaders, Elder Pontoso is Spainish and Elder Ortiz is from Columbia. There are few native Spaniards serving missionaries. During the meeting we had to go out and street contact. It was awesome to watch 20 missionaries hit the streets. Larry and I did it too but we were not as good as the young missionaries. It was a good learning experience for us. We took the sisters out to lunch after the meeting. 

Your dad's back has really been bothering him since Tuesday and seems to be getting worse. Today he has some numbness in his left thigh. I am thinking we need to see a doctor. Luckily he can sit and lay without any trouble. He is living the Arnett motto.

We had the Elders over for lunch Thu. They are both from UT. I asked them what they would like me to prepare for lunch and they both said they would love roast beef, mashed potatoes, and corn. So that is what I made although I added carrots, green salad, and red velvet cake. I was going to serve ice cream but I couldn't find any cartons of just ice cream only bars and fancy frozen desserts. The Elders said ice cream cartons are available just not everywhere. They both had two full plates of food and two desserts. It was great to see them love the meal so much.

Tuesday evening I made up a couple of batches of cookie dough because I never know when I am going to need treats so I want to be ready. I did bake enough peanut butter cookies for zone meeting. They were a hit. 

We had a skype meeting Sunday evening with the Stake pres. counselor over JAS (Jovenes Adultos Solteros) or young single adults. They are having a district wide JAS campout in April so we need to get started planning it. We have another skype meeting this afternoon. I am a little concerned about the time frame because as of Sunday they hadn't secured a location. And since it is Easter week it will be a bit more difficult.

Anyway except for Larry's back problem all is well. We have had three gorgeous days of blue sky and sunshine so that makes life good. You all take care and know we think about you and love you.

Mom and Dad

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