Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Feb 10, 2014

Hi Devry,

I am sitting in our hotel lobby waiting for the elders to come bring us some money and help us load the car. We will leave for Vigo as soon as that is all done. It is so windy here today and freezing. I can feel the wind in here because the automatic doors don't close completely. BRRR!! 

Saturday Larry and I went downtown to see the real Madrid. It is so beautiful and we had such a nice time. We ate lunch at Foster's Hollywood a restaurant that was here when I was here before in 1973. It was then the only American style restaurant in the country. We visited Plaza Mayor where they used to have bullfights and the Spanish inquisition centuries ago. Now it is restaurants, shops, and artists. We also visited Plaza de Espana a tribute to Cervantes. There is a statue of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza. We also made a stop at the building where I lived while here on semester abroad. 

Sunday we went to the ward at the temple and another senior couple had us for dinner. We had  a great talk with them. This is their third mission. So many of the couples have served more that one mission. I think that is in our future also.

The Elders are here so I need to go. Give those two adorable boys hugs and kisses from us. It's nice to know they think about us and talk about us. Can you forward this on the the others? Loved hearing from Mallory and Cam. Hope all is well. Love to all of you.

Next stop Vigo.

Love Mom and Dad.

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