Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Feb 12, 2014

We loved the happy birthday video. Thanks to the cute grandsons who sang. Larry had a pretty uneventful birthday since we were driving to Vigo that day. 

We made it here and found the apt. building but couldn't find a place to park. Parking is a huge problem in these big cities in Spain. Finally I went in and asked where to go and was directed to a paid parking lot. Then we met with the realtor and owner of the apt. got the keys and found our underground parking space. The apt is nice, small but everything is quality. Our fridge is very small. We do have a freezer the same size as the fridge. Both are built in as part of the bottom cupboards. That will take some getting used to. We do have dishwasher and a washer but no dryer. We drove to A Caruna yesterday to shop at Ikea and get our household items. We got most things but need a few more. We're trying to decide if we're going to get a new bed because we only have a double. It is a bit crowded. 

We got lost on the way home because we had taken freeways all the way to A Caruna but were hit with about 15 dollars worth of tolls along the way. So we programed the GPS to get us home avoiding the tolls. Big mistake. We drove through some beautiful country on some back roads that seemed like they led to no where. Then somehow the GPS volume got turned down and we couldn't figure out how to turn it up so Larry held it up to his ear so he could hear. A cop stopped us in a little town and said it was illegal to drive and use the phone. Larry explained but the lovely policeman didn't care so that cost us 100 Euros. Would have been cheaper to pay the tolls.We finally made it home.

We met with the YSA rep in our branch last night, she told us a lot about the other kids in the branch, and gave us some photos to help us learn names and faces. We heard some sad stories and some great ones also. Also the two Vigo Elders came by and chatted for a while. There are also two sisters here. 

We attended our first district meeting this morning with 8 Elders and two Sisters. It was a really good meeting. The sisters are coming for lunch tomorrow. They have FHE in the branch for people with no family here on Wed. at 8. So we'll be going to that this evening. Then the branch is having a couples Valentine's party Friday night. We will meet with all the YSA Sunday at 6 for a planning meeting. Then they have institute after that at 7.

That is a rundown of our week thus far. It is really cloudy and chilly today. The Elders told us some great places to shop that are so close to our Apt so we're headed out to explore right now. We're here at the church using the Wi Fi.Our apt. is literally across the street from the church, which is part of a high rise. Small but nice. We are on the 11th floor in our bldg. We'll try to send pix soon.

Thanks for all the pix, videos, and emails we feel so loved.
Love, Mom and Dad

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