Friday, February 14, 2014

Feb 14, 2014


Northing much new to report. Yesterday was so quiet and the weather was so nice that we walked to a mall down on the waterfront. There was an American import store there so we know where to get some things that aren't available here like real brown sugar. What they have here is more like brown granulated without the moisture ours has.

We also came across two american style restaurants one named Peggy Sue's, and the other Tommy Mel's diner while we were walking and exploring the area where we live. We will be trying those restaurants out really soon. Although I do want to try the seafood here, it is supposed to be fabulous.

The hermanas came over for lunch and we had a great time getting to know them. I actually cooked for the first time in the kitchen. It is definitely a step saver kitchen. I made  chicken soup, tomato and cucumber salad, and we had bread. One of the sisters has had a lot of stomach problems so I tried to make something light for her. She did say how good it was and she was able to eat it. Both of the sisters are from Spain now, but were originally from Brazil and Argentina. They are such darling girls. Gotta love sister missionaries. While at lunch they practiced their english while I practiced spanish. Larry went back and forth.
Today we went to city hall to register. Then we tried to go to the police station to make an appt. to get fingerprinted but it was pouring rain and we could not find a place to park. We gave up and went home. We decided while we were out in the rain that we need new umbrellas that are bigger and sturdier that the ones we brought. 

The branch is having a Valentine's dinner tonight for couples. We are here at the church right now and someone has been here and decorated. It really looks festive and valentiney. We will go tonight. The elders called us and told us we need to bring our own plates. Hmmmmm.

We have had some down time the last two days but it has allowed us to get settled in the apt and get organized. We started doing companion study a few days ago and we really like doing that. As we  get more involved I can see how that would be very valuable.

The District President asked us to go to Ferrol a city north of here (two hour drive)( Just like Blythe days right Terril) Sunday.They are having branch conference and he wants us to meet with the YSAs during the Sunday School hour. We will get to know them and give them a lesson.

We'll skype Saturday at 10:30 with Dana and Cam,  then Devry and the rest of you if you want,  let us know. We'll probably call anyway.

Love to you all!
Keep the emails coming with the pictures and videos we love everything!!

Mom and Dad

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