Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Feb 7, 2014

Hi to all,

We heard back from Dana but nobody else. We'd like to hear what is going on with all of you. Yesterday we got a late start because your dad was finally sleeping soundly so I let him. He finally woke up at 9:30. We were going to attend the temple and Larry figured out how to drive there via google maps. We took the metro the day before. Anyway we had a few detours finding our way but we made it. 

Once there we stopped in at the YSA center just to see what was going on. We met the Sullivans who are the YSA seniors in Madrid. They were at the center giving a haircut to a YSA (Brother Sullivan gives any person a haircut for free (the guys). We spent the afternoon with the S. talking to them and getting ideas. They invited us to dinner at their apt. so we hung out there for a while. They had caffeine free Coke Zero!!!! It is sold here which I couldn't believe. I think I can be truly happy here now. We found it at the store across the street from our Hotel after we got home last night so life is good. Now you know the important stuff. 

Today we really are going to the temple and then not sure after that. We are planning on spending tomorrow seeing the sights of Madrid because who knows when we can do that again. Our jet lag is better but yesterday seemed especially hard. It poured rain last night and when we woke up today it was cloudy but the sun is out and it looks like a pretty day. We did our laundry this morning (there is a small washer in the kitchen) and our clothes are hung out all over the living room and kitchen drying. Pretty much nobody has dryers here so they have clotheslines indoors and out depending on the weather. The S. had two small drying racks that fit over their wall heater and they dry their garments on those. So we'll see when we get settled. One Senior sister says she really doesn't wash her regular clothes all that often because of no dryer. Not much else to say we are heading out in a while. Hope to hear from all of you. Let us know what you're doing and how the kids are. Of course we miss you all.

Mom and Dad

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