Thursday, February 20, 2014

Feb 20, 2014

Hi Dev,

Thanks for the short update. I know life is pretty quiet sometimes but that is a good thing. That was brave to take two little preschoolers to the movie alone.

 Yesterday was district meeting and we have 2 new sisters in the distsrict and they'll be in Pontevedre just north of here. They are both American one from CA and the other from UT. They both speak spanish really well, which kind of discouraged me because I am struggling a little more that I though I would. Anyway it was a great meeting. Larry was a taxi driver yesterday getting elders to and from the bus for the meeting. We are happy to drive anyone that needs a ride since we feel so lucky to have a car.

We're finally getting somewhere with the internet. We found out the mission has a contract with a company and they will call us and come install it within a few days. (hopefully) Then we just pay the mission. We had tried to do it on our own because nobody told us about the contract. But the company Larry talked to said we had to sign a year contract and have a local bank account. We have also found out that the mission has a card for tolls so we don't have to incur that expense. Again nobody told us. We have learned to ask a lot of questions over and over. I am sure it's hard to remember what to tell people new to the mission so our new motto is ask, ask more than one person, more than one time.

So many of our YSA are preparing for missions and that is so exciting to see and be a part of. We're having an activity in March here in Vigo about missionary prep. Finances are tough for some of the YSA here. 

We have a pretty quiet day today so we are going out to get more familiar with the city. Larry is good at finding places but he really wants to be more sure about where he is going. Our GPS has been a lifesaver. The main problem here is parking. We find the place then there is no place to park. We are learning to look for big blue P signs which indicates parking lots. Many are underground and you just veer off the street and drive down into them. These Spaniards are the most expert parallel parkers I have ever seen there are literally sometimes inches between cars. The elders told us they have seen cars park and just back up and push the car behind them with their bumper and then do the same to the car in front of them to make room. Yikes, I haven't witnessed that yet. The elders also said there are so many dinged bumpers on cars.

Tuesday we went to Ikea again and we got everything we need for the house finally. The first time we needed so much that after a while we said enough. After that we met with the YSA in Ferrol for FHE. We had a lesson given by Ruth the YSA leader about making choices. She did an excellent job. These kids are amazing. Then one of the young men, Carlos, had made about 6 pizza crusts so we all helped put the toppings on and baked them. The pizzas were pretty good. We had such a good time getting to know these kids. Carlos also plays the guitar and brought it so he and Larry spent some time playing. Larry gave him a few tips. I think Carlos was disappointed that Larry wasn't into country music. 

Well I guess I'll wrap it up for today. We are happy to hear even the most trivial events in your lives because we feel more in touch. 

Love to you all. Take care.

Mom and Dad

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