Wednesday, February 12, 2014

February 6, 2014

 Hey everyone! We're doing great. Kind of taking it easy today. Larry is paying bills and getting a few other things done like getting our phones turned on. The office elders are working on that for us. One of the office elders is from Joyce's ward and is good friends with Tyson. Elder Merrriman.

PRES. And Sis..Jackson picked us up at the airport then took us to the mission home so we could pick up our car.Then we went to the mission office where we were part of their meeting with office elders and two senior couples. We met Hermano and Hermana Lopez who were the ones that found our apt. Or piso. They had pix on their phone and it looked really nice. Two bedrooms and two baths. Jacuzzi tub. It's across the street from the church and we have an ocean view!!!!! Our car is small,an opal. And it's orange!! A dull orange.

Our hotel is simple but nice. It's really more of a one bedroom apt. Only a double bed. Very cozy! We crashed after we got to the hotel.

Yesterday we met with Paco Serrano who is over the employment center here and works with employment reps in wards and stakes. He familiarized us with the program and sort trained us so we can work with the employment rep in our district and help her. He took us to lunch to a Spanish restaurant that was good.We left there around five came home,and went grocery shopping just across the street. Really nice store but small compared to a grocery store in the states. Shopping is going to take some getting g used to. We're sitting in the lobby of the hotel right now because there is no WiFi in the rooms.???? I think we're going to the temple in a while and then not sure. We're kind of on our own until we leave Monday for Vigo. I'll be glad to get settled so we can communicate easier and often. We miss you all and want to see all of you via face time as,soon as possible. Everyone has been so wonderful to us. Pres. Jackson is so kind and,easy going.I'll email soon. Dana forward this on to all the kids because I just emailed you. Take care everyone.

We love you all
Mom and dad.

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  1. So glad to be aware of this blog!! Now I will be able to keep up with the adventures!!